How much does a web site powered by National Websites cost?


There is no mystery here, and no surprises. The costs that are detailed on the Payments Page are your only costs. Nothing is hidden. We prefer to cover the costs of building your website over several years rather than all at once. We are confident that you will be with us for many years so it is not a risk from our point of view.

How long does it take to have a web site designed and built?


That depends heavily on how ready to are to start. If you have your text and images ready to go then we can publish your site within a week.

How can I pay if I want to buy a product or service?


Payment is directly from the buttons on the Payment Pages. Once you have paid we are ready to start your project.

How can I apply for a payment account?


We no longer run accounts under any circumstances. Once instant payment is received your work will be completed.

How can I be sure that I will get what I want?


We have been operating our businesses for 29 consecutive years and we are still here. We don't often get it wrong but if we do and it can't be fixed, your payment will be refunded and copyright will revert back to us.