Having to deal with poor quality, low resolution artwork from customers is always a drama, so to make life easier and still fit within a budget, we will redraw the logo or graphic, quickly, inexpensively and in thefile format that you want it back in.

Vector redraws from pencil sketches, faxed documents or degenerated photocopies can be a real problem.

Because we are not limited to the computer as a tool, we are able of do hand redraws when necessary and digitize the image ready for print.

Problems can also occur when a client wants their artwork printed in white ink on a coloured background.

This can be overcome without the 'negative' look that naturally occurs in such cases.

Several options are always possible and the main aim to create a finished product that everyone is happy with.

 Artwork that needs a keyline is also easily achieved and is not added to the cost.
As long as we know the intended end result, all forms of redraw are possible and convenient.